What is this? Why am I here?

Hi. My name’s Matt, and I write about stuff I care about. Obviously.

I care about:

  • How the Internet helps us chase dreams

  • How communities (like online gaming, content publishers like Twitch, and social media) help us connect with others

  • Media that makes me consider my relationship with myself (mostly self-help books, introspective essays & Substacks, and psychology)

  • Things that makes me happy (manga, video games, tea)

Writing is kind of an ugly duckling in online content, but I think it’s an extremely personal way of communicating; it takes practice, but being able to wire words directly into someone’s brain is an incredibly satisfying feeling.

I want to do more of that, and that’s why I’m here.

In the past, I’ve split both my work and ways to support that work over multiple venues. This Substack is how I want to centralize all that, mostly because more venues means more work to manage. Substack has principles I think are most compatible with my own values, and the platform gives a lot to the people that use it.

So I’m going as all-in as I can. Substack is where you’ll be able to find the majority of my stuff. I also stream on Twitch, and have a Wordpress that will be used sparingly (and stuff posted there will be cross-posted here).

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, consider joining me on the ride:

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I'm writing about the relationships people have with the Internet, and how it changes over time. I want to focus on the effects of fandom on marketing, creativity, competition, and personal identity.


Authenticity above all else. I write about Internet brain worms, and how they influence our lives.