I like the framing of fighting games as a collaborative process. It really is like "choreographing a fight scene on the fly".

Sometimes I know that I could play "cheap" and grind out a win easily against an opponent. Opponent would be frustrated. Anyone watching the fight would be bored to death, but it would be correct from a EV perspective. Number would go up. I choose not to do this. I'll try for risky set-up. I'll play into an opponent's strength. If suboptimal choices make the fight more varied, more cinematic, it can make the overall game experience better, even if it results in more losses.

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I think that's what makes people annoyed with (or I guess generally conflict with) the Sirlin-esque "optimal play always" kind of thing; it removes the idea of FUN from the situation, which seems counter to the ecosystem that people would like to build.

I guess it also relates to the idea of outward entertainment for all parties (opponent, player, viewers) being accessible and easy as possible; you COULD have a good time examining the tactics and execution that lead to optimal play working, but it requires more knowledge and appreciation. It's similar to how people who watch football/soccer can be entertained by either the goal-scoring or the passing/strategic game.

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