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Once "I have to" started to be one of the reasons of doing something (even for a passion), it becomes heavy on us to continue.

Being passionate about doing something doesn't necessarily mean having to do it all the time.

If I don't feel it that day, I take a rest.

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"It doesn't feel like an extra burden to produce these kind of things, until I make them into burdens."

oooof man, relatable, lol

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hey Matt, saw a message of yours in FANs and wanted to check this out because it very much resonates on a personal level with me.

Our relationship with the Internet is fascinating to me because it's a direct multiplier of Infinity - when it comes to making a decision of what you want to do, if you deploy a cost/benefit analysis, it feels so easy to get paralyzed and second guess. I think my "other voice" speaks from this standpoint a lot. I find that sharing the present physically with other people helps me the most - people sharpen my focus to the present moment and remind me that another kind of infinity, organic and unforced, lives between us when we share space and play.

Yet still we need to navigate and cultivate our direct 1to1 relationship with the Infinite that is the Internet - and we're in the early days of this. Feels like riding a raging current to me, but finding more and more oases that let me slow down and nourish my mind. Have you found any ways to notice/bring expectations and obligations into your awareness? I feel like this might be the first step to peeling them back, because they certainly continue to arise within me.

Cheers man, this was a super interesting post - hope you keep experimenting and following the thread of play!

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