We're off to Alaska, and it's time to go stir-crazy, gun-crazy, and worm-crazy.
Walking away from what's not working (ft. MinovskyArticle)A podcast about what attaches people to fighting games, environments that help them grow, and the compassion you need for yourself and others.

February 2023

"We didn't know much about computers when we wrote this..."
I want to want things. Sometimes my brain gets in the way, and I have a conversation with it. This is an example of one of those conversations.
Jinkies, it's a g-g-g-dead guy!
A piece about the growing pains of creative and competitive life, and the difficulty of letting others define your context.
At the end of the day, we're all just weird animals. With teeth.
He said it! He said "I want to believe!"
I have an adversarial relationship with Reddit's Twitch subreddit: it simultaneously frustrates me, yet gives me a lot to think about. In my piece…
Because if I'm going to break my own rules, those rules should at least be somewhere.
Because sometimes, weirdos live right here on Earth.
Depicting a real and repeating mental narrative around making hobbies into work.